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My name is Sathya Ram. I'm a Web Developer, Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designer and Photographer. I graduated from Lehigh University in 2016 with a double major B.A. in Design and Studio Art.

About two years into school, I realized my yearning to freelance and create beautiful work. I taught myself how to code so I could further my design skills and delve into the world of web. I truly love everything about the web, frontend development and making things pixel perfect. I'm a firm believer in best practices, absorbing knowledge in any form, and building things fresh.

I absolutely love developing the web in Drupal, an open-source, ultra flexible CMS. My workflow starts out with collecting as much data and content from the client I can before wireframing and prototyping using Balsamiq or Illustrator. The visual designing is done in Photoshop, Illustrator and occasionally Sketch.

When it comes to developing, I go straight to Drupal but have worked on Wordpress, CraftCMS, pure HTML and Squarespace builds. I use SASS as my pre-processor with Compass as my compiler. I've created and resourced lots of mixins, variables and resets to catalyze my development workflow. Making the site responsive is an absolute must - with SASS, I can write inline media queries with ease. Lately, I've been using Github to stage and backup my websites/files. I go to Fontawesome for icons and use Fontello to make my custom SVG icons a reality.

My goal nowadays is to get really good at PHP, jQuery, Javascript, SVG animation and illustration.

If you want to talk, request my skills or say what's up: